Janaki Mayhill

Janaki Mayhill grew up in a home where yoga was interwoven in her everyday life. From the time she could walk, she was chanting, meditating, sing bhajans, and exploring her body, mind, & soul. In 2008, she completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training and she has been advancing her studies faithfully since then, with a deep focus on Yoga Therapy. She loves the practical application of Yoga Therapy and she finds that customizing her classes to the individual’s personal requirement and level of growth facilitates a deeper awakening in restoring the body.

For Janaki, yoga is a more than a physical and mindful practice; yoga is a deep connection with our heart where our feeling world lies and a oneness with ourselves and all creation. She believes that when we reintegrate with our heart energy, we are receptive to our deepest feelings. She calls her classes Transformational Heartful Yoga because she believes that our connection to our heart and our feelings allow for real transformation to occur.

In 2014 , she discovered ™Conscious Language and ™Sacred Body Language Translation with Mastery Systems which deeply and profoundly changed her life. These tools expanded her awareness to the power of the words we speak and the effects that they have on our physical bodies and our lives on and off the mat. She brings these tools to her yoga teachings and this encourages powerful shifts in your awareness and over all health and well being of her students.

Classes with Janaki:

Bhakti Light on Wednesdays at 9:30 AM


$18 – Per Class
$75 – Per 6 week session


Join Janaki and truly transform as you experience her Transformational Heartful Yoga.

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