Om Loka Yoga’s Philosophy

Om Loka is the realm inhabited by humans and Divine Beings and is said to be the highest realm of consciousness, the closest to God, and akin to Nirvana. The purpose of yoga is to reach this exalted state. It is a personal, spiritual connection with God. First there must be this relationship with oneself. It will grow into more and more intimacy with God. I have experienced this sense of oneness and feel compelled to share it with others. It is the feeling of family and intimacy that I want to share and cultivate here at the studio.

Moksha is known as the liberated state and means “spiritual liberation.” Moksha applies to the individual as well as to society. When the individual abides in the beauty and glory of God, that is Moksha. When men and women, like you and I, truly love one another as God has always intended, that is also Moksha. The whole world community is not yet ready for this but small communities can be, and when we come together as a group in yoga class or in yoga community (sangha), we can practice this spiritual love for one another.

…If one individual can do it, then so can another. And if one community can do it, then so can another. And this is how it happens… This is my prayer.

– Sam Dillon, founder of Om Loka Yoga