Sunday, April 15th: Two Yoga Events Near You!

Pranayama for Endocrine System, 10-12 pm

Most yogis breathe too much. Ever feel sensitive after practice? Emotional turbulence or hunger during practice? Not in this course. Learn to tap very deep into your autonomic nervous system (rest and digest) and point your focus at particular glands. You will definitely calm down with this class. You will take home many tools to balance your hormones and relax at will. Become adept at relaxing your nervous and hormonal systems in this course. All levels invited beginner through super advanced, everyone will level up, guaranteed.

Rest and Digest Hand Balancing, 1-3 pm

Calm down then balancing on your hands! This is an anatomy rich course that’s filled with posture progressions from super beginner to super advanced. Many demonstrations will be given. Safety and relaxation is key and then we’ll add various yoga hand balancing postures in a comprehensive sequence. Wrist love and shoulder, neck, and wrist therapy included. All levels invited. I guarantee you will take your practice up a level or two in this event, wherever your starting place.

$40 at the door, or $30 when reserved in advance, per class.

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Meet the teacher, Chris De Vilbiss

My teachers are everything I would be nothing without them. I grew up in Maryland and went to Oklahoma to wrestle in university. Afterwards I learned yoga in order to release tension and re-design my self image. During my PhD at the University of Florida I began teaching yoga. It was easy since I’d taught wrestling and college engineering courses for 10 years already. I traveled for work so I began to teach in different places across the country. I grew fond of the feedback I received as a traveling teacher. After graduation I trained yoga in India and have been “on tour” teaching ever since. Check out my 500 free videos on

Blessings, Chris

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