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We have many different teachers to fit your needs – look below to find the teacher you are interested in, then read more about them and their classes below.

Sam Dillon teaches Power Vinyasa Yoga,  Hatha Yoga, and Yoga and Meditation.

Thais Erthal teaches Vinyasa Yoga and Intermediate Yoga.

Rebecca Barfield teaches Flow Yoga as well as Hatha Yoga.

Danielle Kellar teaches Yoga Bliss, Yoga Fusion, and Beginner/Intermediate Yoga.

Synda Wilson teaches Pralaya Yoga.

Heather Says teaches Hoopnotica (Hoop Dance) and HoopYogini™.

Sam Dillon

SamadhiSamSam is the owner of the Yoga Studio of The Woodlands and has been a dedicated student of yoga philosophy and meditation since 1969. Sam is a certified Iyengar yoga instructor, who integrates yoga philosophy into his classes which in turn are challenging and fun.

Contact Sam: 281-364-8934 or

Classes with Sam:
Monday 5:30pm – Power Vinyasa Yoga
A distinct high energy sequence of poses that sculpts lean muscles and cleanses the body.

Tuesday 9:30am – Hatha Yoga

Wednesday 5:30pm – Power Vinyasa Yoga
A distinct high energy sequence of poses that sculpts lean muscles and cleanses the body.

Thursday 9:30am – Yoga & Meditation

Saturday 9:15am – Power Yoga

$20 – Single Class
$96 – 8 Classes
$144 – 12 Classes

Thais Erthal

thaisBorn and raised in Brazil, Thais’ first experience as a Yoga student happened in 2003, squeezed in her lunch break, on the day she realized that she needed less stress and less hurry in her life. It was “love at first twist!” After her daughter’s birth, she decided to switch careers and become a Yoga teacher, to share her passion for Yoga with other people, and to be able to spend more time with her baby. Since 2011, Thais is a 200hr Certified Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, registered with Yoga Alliance. She currently teaches middle aged men and women, has taught seniors and started teaching kids in 2012. She truly believes that anyone can and should practice Yoga, for a happier mind, body and spirit.

Contact Thais: 201-936-9581 or

Classes with Thais:

Wednesday 9:00am – Flow Vinyasa

Friday 9:00am – Intermediate Yoga

8 wk session = $88
$20 – Single Class

Rebecca Barfield

rebeccaRebecca has been practicing yoga since 2003. Initially, she attended classes in hopes of healing running injuries and to lessen stress but, over time, she realized how much a regular yoga practice enriched her life in so many unexpected ways. It’s life changing! Now, her goal as a teacher is to help students of any age, ability, and experience level achieve a positive connection to their physical and mental selves via breath, movement and meditation.

Contact Rebecca: 281-352-7025 or

Classes with Rebecca:
Tuesday 7:00pm – Flow Yoga

Thursday 7:30pm – Hatha Yoga Mix
This is a medium-paced yoga class with variations for different levels of student ability and experience. It is fine for most beginners and more experienced students. All students are encouraged to work at their own current level of fitness. The class is designed to challenge continuing students while also supporting students new to yoga. Increase flexibility, build strength, enhance balance, deepen your ability to relax, and improve your overall well-being with this class.

$15 drop in
4 classes for $50
8 classes for $90
Packages good for 4 months
Cash, checks, and credit cards accepted

Danielle Kellar
danielleDanielle has been teaching and practicing yoga for the past nineteen years. She is dedicated in teaching people to learn to love themselves, and helps people to achieve their optimal health and wellness. Along with teaching yoga, Danielle is also a natural health consultant, personal trainer and prenatal health specialist. She has been teaching donation based yoga class in Spring Texas for the past eight years, and is happy to have found a new home here at Yoga Studio of the Woodlands. Please feel free to drop in and take a class with Danielle, and you can donate what you are able to give to allow her to continue offering these classes in the Spring/Woodlands area.

For more information on Danielle and her classes, you can visit her website at

Contact Danielle: 832-515-8096 or

Classes with Danielle:
Monday 7:15pm – Yoga Bliss
Wednesday 7:15pm – Yoga Fusion
Friday 7:15pm – Beginner/Intermediate Yoga

YOGA BLISS ~ Come join me in this relaxing hour long rejuvenating yoga class! This class is perfect for beginners, or anyone who wants to come unwind from a long day, or week. We will be working on de-,stressing, flexibility,and releasing all negativity. All levels – including prenatal.

YOGA FUSION ~ If you want to tighten and tone up that body – then this is the class for you! A great fusion of Yoga, Budokon and Pilates in one! We will of course end with a much deserved final relaxation. This class is as challenging as YOU make it! Danielle will show you levels and you just do what you can do! No Prenatal.

YOGA (Beginner/Intermediate) ~ Come gain all the benefits of yoga in this wonderful yoga class where you will gain strength, flexibility, balance, and of course have a wonderful relaxation at the end. With a mix of poses and flowing movements; this class is never the same. Tone your whole body, and increase your range of motion, flexibility and self-awareness. Join me for a safe and wonderful class. This class is perfect for both the beginner, as well as the frequent yogini!

Donation-based yoga classes

Synda Wilson

SyndaSynda teaches Pralaya Yoga, which is the development of functional strength, flexibility and presence. Her Yoga For All class is geared to all skill levels.

Contact Synda: 832-605-0542 or

Classes with Synda:
Monday 3:00-4:15pm – Yoga For All

$144 for 12 weeks, session begins Sept 22
$15 drop in
Cash, checks accepted

Heather Says

heatherHeather Says is a certified Hoopnotica instructor and has been practicing hoop dance for nearly 2 years. Little did she know it would change her, both physically, and mentally, for the better. After losing 15+ pounds without even trying, she knew she needed to spread the hooping love. Heather is a Level 1 and Level 2 Hoopnotica hoop dance instructor. She is also an organizer for the Houston Hooper Stahs Meetup group. Anyone of any age or any size can hula hoop, let her teach you how! Private lessons/parties are also available.

Contact Heather: 337-692-5460 or

Classes with Heather:
Tuesday 6:00 PM – Hoop Dance
Thursday 6:00 PM – HoopYogini™.

Hoop Dance is a non-impact, fat-burning workout that strengthens your core, and calms your mind, using an adult sized version of that childhood favorite, the hula hoop. Hoopnotica believes that there is a transition occurring in the world of physical fitness; that holistic wellness is supreme to “working out,” and that our bodies are a reflection of our mind’s ability to be centered and powerful in everything we do. In the class you’ll learn basic hoop tricks, including waist hooping, hip hooping, corkscrews, halos, and lots more. For more information visit:

HoopYogini™ is an amazing program that combines Hatha yoga, hooping, and mindfulness meditation. HoopYogini™ is Doctor Approved and designed to tone the core, improve posture, reduce back pain, as well as, support healthy digestion and fluid circulation.  It’s incredibly accessible regardless of your experience level in any 3 of the components (yes, even if you’re never done any of them!). HoopYogini™ works not only your body, but your brain, and your soul. 

$10 per class (adult-sized hoops are provided)