We have many different teachers to fit your needs – look below to find the teacher you are interested in, then read more about them and their classes below.

Sam Dillon teaches Power Vinyasa Yoga,  Hatha Yoga, and Yoga and Meditation.

Rebecca Barfield teaches Mixed Level Yoga.

Synda Wilson teaches Yoga For All.

Heather Says teaches HoopYogini™.

Brooke Duff teaches YogaVeda.

Anira Estellar teaches Yoga in Spanish.

Janaki Mayhill teaches Transformational Heartful Yoga.

Heather Gilbreath teaches Hoop Dance


Sam Dillon

SamadhiSamSam is the owner of Om Loka Yoga and has been a dedicated student of yoga philosophy and meditation since 1969, particularly Iyengar yoga. Sam integrates yoga philosophy into his classes which in turn are challenging and fun.

Contact Sam: 281-364-8934 or Samadhisamiam@gmail.com

Classes with Sam:

Tuesday 9:30am – Hatha Yoga

Thursday 9:30am – Hatha Yoga

Saturday 9:15am – Power Vinyasa Yoga

A distinct high energy sequence of poses that sculpts lean muscles and cleanses the body.

$20 – Single Class
$96 – 8 Classes
$144 – 12 Classes


Rebecca Barfield

rebeccaRebecca has been practicing yoga since 2003. Initially, she attended classes in hopes of healing running injuries and to lessen stress but, over time, she realized how much a regular yoga practice enriched her life in so many unexpected ways. It’s life changing! Now, her goal as a teacher is to help students of any age, ability, and experience level achieve a positive connection to their physical and mental selves via breath, movement and meditation.

Contact Rebecca: 281-352-7025 or yogaclassmail@gmail.com

Classes with Rebecca:
Tuesday 7:00pm – Mixed Level Yoga

Thursday 7:30pm – Mixed Level Yoga

This is a medium-paced yoga class with variations for different levels of student ability and experience. It is fine for most beginners and more experienced students. All students are encouraged to work at their own current level of fitness. The class is designed to challenge continuing students while also supporting students new to yoga. Increase flexibility, build strength, enhance balance, deepen your ability to relax, and improve your overall well-being with this class.

$15 drop in
4 classes for $50
8 classes for $90
Packages good for 4 months
Cash, checks, and credit cards accepted


Synda Wilson

SyndaSynda teaches Pralaya Yoga, which is the development of functional strength, flexibility and presence. Her Yoga For All class is geared to all skill levels.

Contact Synda: 832-605-0542 or zforwardmail@gmail.com

Classes with Synda:
Tuesday 3:00-4:15pm – Yoga For All

$144 for 12 weeks, session begins Sept 22
$15 drop in
Cash, checks accepted


Heather Says

heatherHeather Says is a certified Hoopnotica instructor and has been practicing hoop dance for nearly 2 years. Little did she know it would change her, both physically, and mentally, for the better. After losing 15+ pounds without even trying, she knew she needed to spread the hooping love. Heather is a Level 1 and Level 2 Hoopnotica hoop dance instructor. She is also an organizer for the Houston Hooper Stahs Meetup group. Anyone of any age or any size can hula hoop, let her teach you how! Private lessons/parties are also available.

Contact Heather: 337-692-5460 or hoopcubed@gmail.com

Classes with Heather:
Thursday 6:00 PM – HoopYogini™.

Hoop Dance is a non-impact, fat-burning workout that strengthens your core, and calms your mind, using an adult sized version of that childhood favorite, the hula hoop. Hoopnotica believes that there is a transition occurring in the world of physical fitness; that holistic wellness is supreme to “working out,” and that our bodies are a reflection of our mind’s ability to be centered and powerful in everything we do. In the class you’ll learn basic hoop tricks, including waist hooping, hip hooping, corkscrews, halos, and lots more. For more information visit: www.hoopcubed.com.

HoopYogini™ is an amazing program that combines Hatha yoga, hooping, and mindfulness meditation. HoopYogini™ is Doctor Approved and designed to tone the core, improve posture, reduce back pain, as well as, support healthy digestion and fluid circulation.  It’s incredibly accessible regardless of your experience level in any 3 of the components (yes, even if you’re never done any of them!). HoopYogini™ works not only your body, but your brain, and your soul. 

$10 per class (adult-sized hoops are provided)



Brooke Duff

Brooke began practicing Yoga in 1999 and completed her first teacher training at The Yoga Institute of Houston in 2007. Curious about energy work, she went on to complete both Reiki I & II certifications by 2010. In 2010, she completed a second teacher training with Patricia Hillyard at The Woodlands Yoga Studio. During this teacher training Brooke was introduced to Ayurveda and immediately became fascinated with Yoga’s sister science. She has continued to study Ayurveda and completed a 4 month work study with Dr. Sunita at Houston Ayurveda in 2012. Brooke’s goal as a yoga instructor is to create a class reasonable for all levels and ages. By incorporating Ayurvedic principles, classic poses, breath work, meditation & mudras, each class will help restore balance and nourish the mind and the body both physically and energetically.

Contact Brooke: 832-868-0184 or brookenduff@gmail.com

Classes with Brooke:
Monday 7:15 PM And Friday 9:00 AM -Yoga Ease

Class description:Yoga Ease is a simple all levels class with roots in Yoga Therapy.  This class combines simple stretching with breath awareness to create ease in the mind and body.  Perfect for those looking to try yoga for the first time, those who work stationary office jobs, or would consider themselves “not flexible”.  We have props for that!
Wednesday 7:15-8:15 PM – Yoga for Teens

Yoga for teens is and entry level yoga class, incorporating simple stretching, foundational yoga postures, breathing exercises to calm the mind and body.  This class is designed to reduce stress and create mindfulness.  At a minimum, putting our phones away for an hour.  Selfies and check-ins are welcome before and after class.
Cost per class:  $12 for a 4-8 class pass or $15 drop in
 Other Services:
  • Private Yoga available upon request: $60 per session. This will include a personal yoga plan for your specific dosha/health goals. $80 to travel to you.
  • Abhyanga: Ayurvedic Massage with warm oil $120
  • Reiki & Marma Therapy: $60 hr. $80 to travel to you.
* Each of the private services requires a free initial consultation to determine your Ayurvedic Dosha and health goals.


En Español: Anira  es Venezolana, su inicio en el mundo de la enseñanza del yoga fue en Venezuela,  ella ha estado practicando yoga desde hace 4 años, y es una Yoga Teacher TRainig certificada por Yoga Alliance   (YTT-200). Sus conocimientos de Yoga y Ayurveda le permiten crean una  clase sanadora, la cual va  digerida a todos los niveles de acuerdo con sus estudiantes. El propósito  de Anira es crea un ambiente lleno de armonía y paz, utilizando un estilo suave y vigoroso,  enfocado en el bienestar de los practicantes, por lo que incorpora a sus clases el uso de accesorios, ejercicio de respiración,  practica de meditación a fin de lograr una clase renovadora que aumente la flexibilidad y te permita obtengas todos los beneficios que el yoga te pueda aportar.

In English: Anira is Venezuelan, her beginning in the world of yoga was in Venezuela, she has been practicing yoga for 4 years, she is certified as a yoga teacher by Yoga Alliance (YTT-200). Her knowledge of Yoga and Ayurveda allow her to create a kind of healer, which is different at all levels according to her students. The purpose of Anira is to create an environment full of harmony and peace, using a soft and vigorous style, focused on the well-being of the practitioners, so that incorporates into their classes the use of accessories, breathing exercise, meditation practice in order to achieve a refreshing class that increases flexibility and allows you to obtain all the benefits that yoga can bring you.

Contacta  Anira: 346-242-2128 @yoganiraoficial en Instagram para mas información  

Contact Anira: 346-242-2128 @yoganiraoficial on Instagram for more information

Email Anira: anirae@hotmail.com

Clases con Anira:

Únete a nuestra clase, regálate un instante de paz, y encuentra la tranquilidad que andas buscando. Clase de Yoga en ESPAÑOL, Esta clase es perfecta para principiantes, así como también otros niveles. Clase Gratuita, se hace  Donación para el Studio de Yoga
Lunes 05:45 PM – Todos los Niveles
Martes  08:20 AM – Todos los Niveles
Viernes 05:30 PM – Todos los Niveles
Sábado 11:15 AM – Todos los Niveles
Domingo 11:30 AM – Todos los Niveles

Classes with Anira:

Monday 5:45 PM – Mixed level yoga
Friday 5:30PM. – Mixed level yoga
Saturday 11:15 AM – Mixed level yoga
Sunday 11:30 AM – Mixed Level Yoga

Join Us! Give yourself a moment of peace, and find the tranquility you are looking for. Yoga class in SPANISH. This class is perfect for beginners, as well as other levels.

Free Class. Donation Based



Janaki Mayhill

Janaki Mayhill grew up in a home where yoga was interwoven in her everyday life. From the time she could walk, she was chanting, meditating, sing bhajans, and exploring her body, mind, & soul.
In 2008, she completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training and she has been advancing her studies faithfully since then, with a deep focus on Yoga Therapy. She loves the practical application of Yoga Therapy and she finds that customizing her classes to the individual’s personal requirement and level of growth facilitates a deeper awakening in restoring the body.

For Janaki, yoga is a more than a physical and mindful practice; yoga is a deep connection with our heart where our feeling world lies and a oneness with ourselves and all creation. She believes that when we reintegrate with our heart energy, we are receptive to our deepest feelings. She calls her classes Transformational Heartful Yoga because she believes that our connection to our heart and our feelings allow for real transformation to occur.

In 2014 , she discovered ™Conscious Language and ™Sacred Body Language Translation with Mastery Systems which deeply and profoundly changed her life. These tools expanded her awareness to the power of the words we speak and the effects that they have on our physical bodies and our lives on and off the mat. She brings these tools to her yoga teachings and this encourages powerful shifts in your awareness and over all health and well being of her students.

Join Janaki and truly transform as you experience her Transformational Heartful Yoga.

She specializes in….
*One-on-One assessments & sessions
*Yoga for MS Society
*Prenatal yoga
*Mommie and me yoga
*Yoga for Kids
*Yoga for Seniors
*corporate events
*Yin Yoga
*Therapeutic Yoga
*Restorative Yoga
*Yoga Nidra
*Mastery Systems with Conscious Language and Sacred Body Language Translations
* Balance Chakras

Contact Janaki: janaki@bhaktilight.com

Classes with Janaki:
Bhakti Light on Wednesday 9:30 AM

$18 per class
or $75 per 6 week session

Venkata K. Ponnanganti, Ph.D., E-CYT

Venkata K. Ponnaganti, who is formerly a Professor of Psychology and Director of the Institute for Yoga & Consciousness at Andhra University in India, ever since he immigrated to US, has been conducting classes and workshops occasionally in The Woodlands and Kingwood, TX on yoga and meditation. By virtue of his training, Venkata’s approach to yoga has been secular, scientific and psychological. He believes that yoga is a self-regulation strategy, which deals with body, mind and behavior in a synergistic way. The way of life/values and the set of practices prescribed by yoga for the regulation of the body-mind complex are universal in scope and nature, whether or not one subscribes to its world views. He believes that yoga and meditation provide a means to approach, and to come to terms with the complexities of the mind-body processes on the one hand, and living in the world on the other, through the cultivation of awareness, acceptance and a degree of control over them.

Contact Venkata: 540-687-0964 or Krishnaraopv2001@yahoo.com

Meditation Classes with Venkata:
Saturday 3:00-5:00 PM
Sunday 1:30-3:30 PM

Meditation is a mental exercise as well as an art of being and living in the world. Scientific research on meditation has clearly established its benefits in overcoming stress and enhancing cognitive abilities. Personality traits and even brain structures seem to be effected by meditation in a positive way. Therefore, no wonder many people all over the world are turning to meditation to solve their problems and
enhance their being. Venkata’s two-session workshops involve both the theory and practice of meditation in an integrated fashion. The theory part imparts knowledge and information relevant to the practice of meditation covering the psychology of meditation, the nature of human mind, human stress response and the relevance of meditation in daily life. The practice part involves instruction in preliminaries and preparation for meditation, and actual practice. The preliminaries consist of joint and gland exercises to prepare the body and yoga nidra ( yogic sleep) to prepare the mind for meditation. After the two sessions, those who attended the workshop will be able to practice meditation on their own. Or they may choose to attend a few practice sessions in the subsequent weekends.

$25 per class

Heather Gilbreath
Hi, I’m Heather Gilbreath, a HoopCubed Certified Hula Hoop Teacher. I received my certification in October 2018 and I have been teaching hoop classes since March of 2019.
I love to help others get into their flow, and see them happy. Hoop dance is for everyone. It is a great way to gain great coordination, exercise, and even meditate. At the end of the class there will always be an “impossible move” of the day.
Contact: (832) 421-0561 or hoopswithheather@gmail.com
Classes with Heather:
Hoop Dance – Tuesday  6:00 PM
Class Price – $10